We Have Option ¡


God has endowed man with something that he can write his own destiny and that is it “Option”
Thanks to this option, we are responsible for our own good and bad situations Blaming anyone for their bad situation is a sign of a cowardly and foolish person

Let me give you an example Looks like the night is made for sleeping.

And every Muslim believes that when we sleep we die half death. Allah seizes the soul
this soul has been captured by Allah.
But it gave us the option to sleep whenever we wanted

And it is after our will that God seizes our souls

Allah is able to capture our souls at night without our will and authority
But God gave us authority

We use this option as we wish And accordingly Allah rewards us

We are responsible for our own good and bad situations

But even that cannot be ignored That?

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According to Hazrat Umar R A That you can lift one of your legs, lifting the other is not in our power Sometimes man becomes arrogant because of his authority,

We thinks that everything is in our power
We can say whatever we want, we can do whatever we want
God has certainly given man authority, but this Option doesn’t work everywhere

Sometimes we get so helpless that we become silent despite having authoritywe are so compelled that we cannot utter a single word
So that nothing goes wrong because of us

Then all is left to Allah
It seems that nothing can be right now

What is a human being?
When happiness passes, he thinks that sorrow will never come again
And when grief comes, it seems that happiness will never come again

However, day and night is the system of the world which will not end till the Day of Resurrection
There will be ups and downs in life
It is in these vicissitudes that our conduct and our morals are revealed
Why don’t we wait any longer?
How much patience is there?
So much so that when a problem arises, you have to hide and focus on your past actions to see where we have gone wrong.

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And even if we don’t make mistakes, how can we get out of this predicament?
Why do we focus on problems instead of solving them?
According to Wasif Ali Wasif
Troubles come from ideas, not circumstances
We need to focus on solving our problems
Then everything will be fine

Then one day we will be so expert in solving problems that our focus will not be on frustration and anxiety.
We just have to show our thinking the right way
Then the option we got will be used properly
That is the way to become successful

There are two aspects to life
One bad and one good
Now it depends on you who your focus is on good or bad?