How beautiful the morning is
Silence everywhere.
At this time the winds are also dim
Everything has a pause
May peace of mind prevail over everything and everyone

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

After the darkness of night.
The morning light seems to be telling.
Look, the night is over

The darkness is gone.

The time of grief is over.
Whatever happened to you yesterday.
That has become the past.
So let’s recognize this morning.
This is the beginning of a new day.
Learn something new that day.
Say new.
Don’t repeat the old things.

Don’t look back.
Forget all the old things.

Bring peace of mind.

And start anew.

Photo by NegiPho on Unsplash

Take the worries out of your mind for a while.
Feel this new morning.
See how calm it has been.
Relax like this morning.
The glorious wrath that is rising within you.
Let it go from your heart.
Shut yourself down from the inside out.
Let go of bad thoughts, don’t stop them.
Bring peace of mind.

Teach the heart to be silent. Don’t answer anyone’s bad words
Ignore the evil.

Even today, if you have not learned, when will you learn?
The world is Darul Uloom.
This is a place to learn.
There is nothing you can do without learning here.
This morning have come into your life as a new beginning.
Don’t waste that day for God’s sake.
Otherwise one day you will be lost.
Your life will end.
And people will forget you like a nightmare.

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